M.C.L. is one of the Cruisers’ annual funding recipients. Each year we like to pick a target project that is of direct benefit to M.C.L.’s clients.This year we took on financing construction of an access ramp to the recently placed trailer at Trout Haven Park located on Park Street in the southwest corner of Strathroy.


The trailer was originally the Chamber of Commerce office at Alexandra Park, and has been renovated inside and out for M.C.L. clients’ use. It has a small meeting room, open lounge area and kitchenette with all-season water and sewer services.



The trailer site was generously donated by George and Aggie Armstrong who operate the Trout Haven facility.











The trailer has been renovated to provide a meeting room, kitchenette and lounge, shown here.






The rear deck is wheel chair accessible from the lounge area, which clients get to via the front ramp, of course! The deck runs the length of the trailer and allows several people to use it without undue crowding.The materials were mostly recycled from the previous Chamber of Commerce site.The labour for the deck construction was generously donated by…









Ernie Strobridge (Cruiser’s President), Lorna Beauchamp with MCL, Sherri Kroll (executive director with MCL), Tom Humphrey and John Cann (Cruiser members).







President Ernie is all smiles as he hands over the latest cheque to Sherri Kroll. The Strathroy Caradoc Cruisers have contributed a total of $4,200 for construction of the access ramp at the Trout Haven trailer.Tom Humphrey and Shannon Churchill of the Chamber of Commerce have been instrumental in coordinating this project