Cruisers consider themselves fortunate to own and be able to drive their vehicles, some of them rare or unique classics. It is the vehicles that attracts the attention and interest of fans and draws them to our cruise events. Funds raised at these events allow us to give back to the community by sharing with those who could use a helping hand in our community.

Thus, our motto   –         “We cruise for local charities!”

Charitable Selection Criteria

The Strathroy – Caradoc Cruisers’ Executive makes recommendations to the membership when selecting which individuals and groups we will support. The general criteria used include:

+ the recipient is local
+ receive no government funding
+ funds go directly to the end user
+ minimal funds may be used for administration or operating overhead


The Strathroy-Caradoc Cruisers enjoy the camaraderie of the weekly cruises. We conduct regular 50/50 draws and generate funds from other fundraising activities such as the annual Hometown Festival’s Show & Shine.

We are pleased to give back the proceeds of our efforts to the community through donations to worthy recipients.

The club would like to thank the local and area residents, the cruising community, and all of our local sponsors for their generous support over the years. We look forward to another active season ahead.


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